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Trapped Blisters

Our trapped blisters are an excellent option if you’re looking for a clean, simple, and clear way to present your product on a shelf or hanging in a rack. The formed plastic traps the product against a cardboard backing, providing both security and a full view of your product.

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Medical & Dental Trays

Through extensive research and development, we have perfected many different options for dental and medical trays to meet your every need.

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Cosmetic & Retail Packaging

Looking to attract customers with a beautiful, smart, and functional package? Our cosmetic and retail packaging options provide you with everything you need to stand out against the competition. In addition to their elegant designs, our packages provide excellent security for the retail setting.

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Display products need to be rigid enough to stand on their own while supporting and displaying your product. With our extensive experience in this field, we can help design an elegant structure and will do your product justice on the store shelves.

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Collation/Unitizing Trays

Unitizing and collation trays help you stay organized. When you’re dealing with many small parts and need a good way to keep them together while transporting them around your office or workspace, our trays provide the perfect solution.

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